Victor Kidd - Mayor of Mason

"Jay has the skills and passion to make a great addition to our team on City Council. His experiences leading several successful small businesses will be helpful in bringing new ideas to council. Please consider voting for my friend, Jay, on Nov 5th!"


John Cranley - Mayor of Cincinnati


"Jay is a relentless community advocate for Cincinnati and its neighboring suburbs. His passion for problem solving and community service will make him a great addition to Mason City Council."


Lakshmi Sammarco - Hamilton County Coroner

" Rarely do you find a businessman who is so interested in giving back to his community with the passion and generosity of Jay Bedi. The safety of the people in Mason is a stop priority and he is intent on keeping crime and drug use out of his neighborhoods. Mason would be lucky to have him on their city Council. "


Diana Nelson, Mason City Council Member


“As a CPA and community leader, I believe it is important to run the city like a business: implementing ideas for growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility.  Jay Bedi understands the importance of this balance, and I believe his experience, passion, and creativity will be invaluable to Mason.  Jay Bedi has my vote for Mason City Council, and I hope he will have yours as well!”

– Mason City Council Member Diana Nelson, CPA

Steve Wanamaker - Founder & CEO of Lead Tribune Media Group


Jay Bedi's story is the embodiment of the American dream. As a first generation citizen, his devotion to family, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion are the virtues on which our nation was built. Jay is a hands on, experienced leader who will serve as a catalyst for Mason, Ohio.



Ashley Chance, Mason City Council Member


I welcome Jay's business acumen and believe he will be a great addition to our team. He is committed to the City and will bring value to the city staff and council. Please consider casting your vote for my friend Jay Bedi on November 5th.